Golf Tips On How To Fix A Slice

Looking for golf tips on how to fix a slice? Golf has long been a sport that many people want to master. They are constantly trying to improve their game and they also like to compete against other people. Whether golfing is just for the fun of it or a lot more, it is a game of skill and mastery. Golfers everywhere love to find new and better courses to show off how they can play and admire the course. With all that golfing provides for people, it is no wonder it is one of the best sports to play.

Doing well at golf requires great concentration and learning how to make sure that a person is hitting the ball correctly. It also is a game that takes a lot of practice to do well. Investing in the time spent at a golf course or even a driving range will allow a person to become better at the game on a regular basis.

What is slicing? It is a poor swing caused by poor grip and setup. Swinging from an open clubface and a golfer reaches too far on the downside. The club comes down to the right of the all and it causes a slice. It is a common problem that many golfers face on a regular basis and as they take steps to improve their game, they will find that with practice, they will be able to improve in a short period of time.

Why do people have problems with slicing? For many people, it is not knowing what they are doing wrong that gives them a problem with slicing. They need to know what they are doing wrong so that they are able to correct the things that they need to work on. Since there is a reason that they want to do as well as they can when they are playing the sport that they love, they want to learn how they can correct their problem with this part of the sport.

How does a person fix slicing? In order to fix slicing, they will need to make sure that they understand the steps that they need to take in order to improve their game. Since there are 7 steps that can fix the slice, they will want to take a look at each step in a close fashion. It will all culminate in giving them a much better able to play golf and do as well as possible when they fix the slice. Here are the 7 steps that will help a person to fix the slice:

  1. Divots – Take note of the divots at all times. When a person is hitting the ball after their downward strike, they put backspin on it. This is what makes the ball go up into the air when they are playing. After the ball has been hit, the club goes down toward the ground. They are turning through the shot and as the club hits the ground in front of the ball, the person will take a divot. This has to be watched at all times so that a person can improve dramatically at the sport that they love so much.
  2. Aim – It is important to not aim to the left. However hard this is for some players, they need to keep an eye on how they are aiming. Concentration is always a key factor and they should be sure to tune everything else out while they are aiming. This is will allow them to put the full focus on what they are doing at the time.
  3. Position – The position that a person uses to properly set up the ball right matters in a huge way. There are certain ways that players become used to when they are positioning themselves. By paying careful attention to what they are doing at all times, they will be able to correct problems in this manner.
  4. Grip – It is another factor that is immensely important to someone’s game and it must be paid attention to. The grip is of high importance. People that find problems with their grip need to consciously make an effort to improve on it. For many people, it may not seem natural at first but in time, they will continue to notice the way that they need to grip. For problems with grip, please see below.
  5. Elbow – The elbow should be tucked while you are back swinging. As this is also a bit unnatural for many people, they need to focus on what they are doing with their elbow. Knowing one’s on the body well is important and how it naturally works while they are golfing is a good sign that they need to work on tucking the elbow while they are playing.
  6. Weight – The weight that is put on the legs is important. Transfering weight will help with fixing the slice. It is always a point to transfer the weight so that the swing is able to be completed in a fluid manner. Since there are so many people that do not concentrate on this as part of their game, they will find that they will have more problems as they are playing.
  7. Release – It is also important to release the club before impact. This makes a huge difference in how the ball interacts with the club. Making sure that a person has this aspect down will tend to allow them to fix the slice when they need to.

Problems with a grip can be detrimental to a person’s golf game. It should be hard enough to accomplish the goal but weak enough to not mess up your game. Having thumbs on the wrong part of the club such as to up on the top of it when a person swings will hit a slice from the open clubface. This is called a weak grip. Here are other problems that people have with their grip:

  1. Palms – The grip can be off when it is placed too much in the palms of the hands. A person will have trouble with a slice if they are not able to manipulate their hands in the correct way. As they are playing, they should take notice and make sure that their grip is not centered in their palms. While they are playing, they will be able to tell that they are doing this and correct it.
  2. Pressure – A player needs to notice how much pressure they are putting into their swing. They may be using too much pressure and it will cause undue problems with their game. As the practice more and more, they will find the right amount of pressure that they need. It will be easy for them to pay more attention to the amounts of pressure that they are placing on their grip at all points of the game.
  3. Lead – The back of the lead hand may be rotating too much towards the target. Dealing with this is also a matter of practicing. Having a partner in the game that someone trusts to call them on it or help them through it is a wise idea to have. This can help them because someone else is encouraging them to do it correctly and to make sure that they are able to improve. They will notice that they will do much better consistently when someone else is reminding them of what they need to do on a regular basis in order to get good at it.
  4. Thumb – Placement of the thumb is extremely important when a person wants to improve their game. It should not be too much above or below the line of the grip of the lower hand. Since this is a problem for many people, it is once again about habit and how they have played for a while. By noticing the exact placement of their thumb and making a special to correct at all times will allow them to do much better at the sport that they love. Practicing on times when they are not playing is essential. They can do so in the comfort of their own if they like until they are able to place their thumb in the correct way.
  5. Lower Hand – Lower hand placement is of great importance. It can not be too much under the club. Concentrating on improving where the lower hand is placed always shows in a person’s game. If they do not pay attention to the placement of the lower hand, they will find that they play off from time to time. It is something that is easily fixable when paying attention because it is more about habit than anything else. Getting into good habits will create positive aspects that are needed in order to get the best results.

Getting the right driver is also important in fixing a slice at any time someone is having a problem with it. They need to make sure that they have a driver that will work well for them. Every driver does not work well for each person. Here are some tips for finding the right driver so that a person can make their game as good as it can be when they want to make sure that they are playing right:

  1. Loft – A problem with slicing is using a driver that has too little loft. This is because they are in reaction to the high and weak ball flight. There are adjustable drivers that will let a person increase loft during their game. This works because it moves the weight to the heel of the clubhead. Most drivers are lofted between 8 and 11 degrees which will allow the player to complete the drive that they are looking for.
  2. Length – Getting the right length of a driver is very important. If a person has any questions about whether or not their driver is right for them, they will want to go into a professional golfing store and double-check with the trainer or salesperson. They will be able to tell right away if the driver is in the correct proportion to the person that will be using it. This can make all the difference in the world when a person is using the correct driver and may fix a problem with a slice that they are having.
  3. Flex – Having a driver with a lot of flex in the shaft will allow a person to do much better at their game. This will definitely help people that are not very good at the strength and speed of their swing. Having the flex will give them the ability to hit much better in all ways when they are playing.
  4. Shaft – The shaft should be approximately 44 inches for a person to do well in golf. This is what most drivers have regardless of the length of the entire unit. When purchasing drivers for a golf game, it is best to get the advice in person so that the driver can be used before purchasing. This way, a player can get the advice that they need right there in person. They can ask as many questions as they need to and find out all the information that they need in a short period of time.

In our proffesional opinion, the best driver to have for fixing a slice is the Callaway Rogue Draw. This driver is made especially for people that have difficulty with a slice during their game. If a person is finding that they have this issue, getting this type of driver may be the answer that they are looking for. It can dramatically improve their game in many ways. It is worth investing in this type of driver because it will pay off them in a great way. If they decide to use a different driver in the future, they can still keep it for a spare or give it to someone else that may be having a problem with a slice while they are playing. Players help each other out in this way.

When purchasing any golf clubs, it is always the best idea to go in person. A player will want to actually hold and try out the clubs to see how they work for them. If they buy online, they will only find afterward so they will want to make sure that they are able to exchange it or return it for a different one that will work better for them. They have to consider their height and other factors when they are buying the golf clubs that will work best for them. it is an investment that is worth taking the time to do correctly.

Golfing is something that people want to continue to improve when they are playing it. They love when they do better because of practicing and learning new ways to beat their last scores. With golfing being something that they are extremely interested in, they will have many years to get even better at it in the future. Every time that they play, they will improve until they are the best golfer that they wish to be at any given time.