Best Irons for Womens Golf

Gone are the days when Golf was considered a men’s game. Now, there exists a Ladies Professional Golf Association. The body oversees major golf championships for women. The manufacturers have also sensed the popularity of golf among women and started making purpose-built gear for ladies’ games.

Now, you can get golf accessories that are particularly designed for women golfers. Case in point: Irons. Nearly half of the clubs in any golfer’s bag are irons. They are important for both short as well as long games. The importance of irons for the game is uncontested no matter what your gender is.

However, choosing the right iron is as important as using it in the right manner. And as a women golfer, you should look for irons that are particularly designed for you.

We have made the search of best irons for women’s golf easy for you!  Our experts have searched for and tested various irons and compiled a list of some of the best irons for women golfers. 

Our pick is Callaway Steelhead XR Individual Iron.

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Callaway Steelhead XR Individual Iron.

Why is it the BEST?

  • The avant-garde 360 Face Cup Technology gives better distance both off and on the center
  • Unique Hollow Bore-Thru Hosel— keeps the iron lightweight and allows better weight distribution in the clubhead
  • Steel-infused polyurethane ensures maximum shock absorption
  • Available in all iron configurations— from 3-iron to pitching wedge
  • A great bang for the buck
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Our Top Pick Best Irons For Women's Golf





Best Irons for Womens Golf 7
Cobra Women's 2018 F-Max One Length Golf Iron Set 
7-PW, SW
5 Reviews


Best Irons for Womens Golf 16
Callaway Golf 2018 Women's Rogue Individual Iron
23 Reviews


Best Irons for Womens Golf 25
Tour Edge Golf Women’s Hot Launch 2 Series Individual Iron
6 Reviews


Best Irons for Womens Golf 34
Wilson Staff Golf D7 Women's Iron Set
155 Reviews


Best Irons for Womens Golf 43
Callaway Steelhead XR Individual Iron​
95 Reviews


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Whether you are a recreational golfer or looking to participate in LPGA championships, you should consider getting irons for your game from this list.

1. Cobra Women’s 2018 F-Max One Length Golf Iron Set

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Cobra Women’s 2018 is a mid-range iron (7-weighting). There are many design features of this iron that makes it a perfect club for women golfers for playing green. Firstly, it is designed to have a greater offset. The hosel lies noticeably far behind the clubhead so that you can keep your hands slightly ahead of the ball.

Best Irons for Womens Golf 54

As a result, you can lead the clubhead throughout the impact with increased draw bias to minimize the chances of miss scoop and slices.

In short, Cobra F-Max allows you to play straighter and more accurate. The low-profile and deep undercut design of these Cobra irons clubheads also helps you in launching more accurate shots.

The One Length concept introduced by Cobra in this iron is also aimed at ensuring consistency in the golfer’s game. The same length, weight, and setup replicated across the F-max iron set to make sure golfer can play without changing and struggling with their postures and swinging angles.

The 17-4 stainless steel construction of long irons and the use of 431 stainless steel in short irons have made this Cobra product an ultralight club set. This means golfers can play their natural game without bogging down under the weight of the clubs. Lastly, chrome finish doesn’t just give these irons a weather-resistant coating. It also makes them easy on the eyes.


  • Ensures consistency with One-Length design
  • More offset prevents slices and scoops
  • Clubhead’s undercut design and low-profile provide more forgiveness


  • Professional women golfer may find a bit underwhelming

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2. Callaway Golf 2018 Women's Rogue Individual Iron

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If you are looking for an individual iron, then you should not look further than this Callaway beauty. The Rogue Iron by Callaway features two of the most noteworthy propriety characteristics, i.e., 360 Face Cup and VFT.

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The use of 360 Face Cup in Callaway Rogue Iron means the borders of its clubhead are coated with a different material than the rest of the head. This parameter stuffing allows a golfer to get a more flexible release when the ultra-thin clubface strikes the ball. The result is you get more force on the shot and can play it with greater efficiency.

Variable Face Thickness (VFT) technology, as the name suggests, entails a clubhead with variable weight distribution across its face. It usually goes thickest in the center to thinnest around the edges. The idea behind introducing VFT in irons is to increase the center of gravity of the clubface that gives more forgiveness.

The combination of these technologies makes sure you can get more ball speed even when your hits are not that strong. The use of urethane microspheres in the clubhead is also worth mentioning. This construction feature makes sure you feel less vibration on hands at the time of impact. Plus it also improves the sound coming out of the iron when the clubhead hits the ball.


  • 360 Face Cup guarantees smooth movement of the clubhead through the impact
  • VFT ensures better ball speed
  • Great feel and stroke sound— urethane microspheres
  • Available in eight different configurations


  • Some may find it a bit heavy on the pocket

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3. Tour Edge Golf Women’s Hot Launch 2 Series
Individual Iron

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If you want a single hybrid iron that can help you with both the fairway and the green game, you should consider investing in the Tour Edge’s Women’s Hot Launch 2 Series. They are available individually as well as in a set. You can pick between 5, 6, and 9 irons and approach, loft, pitching, and sand wedges.

Best Irons for Womens Golf 54

Many times newbie golfers overestimate their swing power and try to use irons with higher loft to play distance shots as well. As a result, they end up getting disappointed. Tour Edge has taken care of this aspect in Hot Launch 2 irons. It has kept the face of the club forged and thin to ensure optimal spring effect at the time of the impact. This gives you a better distance, even if your swing is not powerful.

The other impressive bit about this Tour Edge iron for women golfer is its better forgiveness. The combination of hollow body and heavy sole drops the clubhead’s center of gravity low that increases launch angle and produces more forgiving shots. The combination of 431 stainless steel (clubhead) and graphite (shaft) keeps the weight of the iron in a moderate range.

The well-thought-out material selection makes sure the iron doesn’t feel too heavy on the hand while still offering the performance of a typical heavy club. If you are struggling with your freeway to green hits, you should give a try to Tour Edge Golf Women’s Hot Launch 2 Series.


  • Unsurpassed distance with more forgiveness
  • Available in seven configurations
  • Available in both hand orientations


  • Some golfer may find it a bit heavy

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4. Wilson Staff Golf D7 Women’s Iron Set

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Wilson is one of the most successful golf club brands around. Since the company started and selling clubs, its irons have won over 60 championships. Wilson is now also producing specially designed irons sets for women, and D7 is one of the best available in the market in that category.

Best Irons for Womens Golf 54

Wilson has designed this iron set of seven pieces to make sure you can take care of the most part of your game without needing any other club. Whether it is an approach shot or a putt, rest assured, D7 Iron set has you covered. Wilson has used its propriety Power Holes feature to add required distance and precision to different irons.

For instance, long irons in the set have three rows of Power Holes that allow you to get the maximum distance of the club face. On the other hand, shorter irons have fewer Power Holes (the approach and pitching wedges have only one Power Hole) to have optimized weight distribution and better precision and feel. Moreover, ultra-thin clubfaces are used across the board to get good sound and feel at the impact. The thin face of D7 irons also helps if you struggle in playing longer shots.

The aesthetic profile of Wilson D7 Irons is also worth mentioning. They have a sleeker top line and improved weighing with lustrous silver finishing. They remain easy on the eyes while offering you great help with game improvement.


  • Good with both form and function
  • Low and deep center of gravity— more forgiveness
  • Thin clubface ensures better-shot speed and feel


  • Low handicapped women golfer may find it a bit underwhelming

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5. Callaway Steelhead XR Individual Iron

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Callaway Ladies Steelhead XR is one of the most comprehensive sets of individual irons you will find on the block. From long 3-irons to pitching wedge and everything in between, you will all types of irons in the Steelhead XR range.

Best Irons for Womens Golf 54

Like the earlier discussed Callaway iron, these ones also feature 360 Face Cup Technology. An iron with that state-of-the-art clubface design allows you to get more distance on the intended trajectory even with a mishit.

The other striking bit about Callaway Steelhead XR is that they feature Shock Eliminator Technology. The steel-infused polyurethane layer in the irons’ design doesn’t just lower the center of gravity of the clubhead but also wicks away the unwanted vibration. In order to provide higher launch and more forgiveness, the manufacturer has used a hollow Bore-thru hosel design.

The weight shed by hollowing the hosel is strategically redistributed on the clubhead to make sure you don’t have to compromise on your launches even if you struggle in hitting the ball from the center of the clubface. The center of gravity of the clubhead has a varied position in every long, mid, and short iron. The idea is to make sure you can get better distance, control, and spin from them, respectively.

Callaway also offers more variety in these irons. You can get them for either hand orientation as well in steel or graphite shafts.


  • A striking combination of speed, accuracy, and forgiveness
  • Packed with patented game improvement technologies
  • Center of gravity is different in every iron— customized playing experience


  • A lot of variety might get confusing for some

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Guide to buying the best irons for women’s golf

Barring exceptions, women golfers usually have slower swing speed and a weaker grip. Therefore, if you want to explore options other than the five irons we have reviewed here, make sure they help you in offsetting those constraints. In general, look out for these characteristics while picking an iron for lady’s game.

Lightweight design

Lightweight irons are generally considered better options for women golfers. So, we would also suggest you opt for lightweight options. There are a couple of features that make an iron lightweight, and thus, you should look out for them while searching online or at brick-and-mortar stores.

  • Their clubheads are made of premium-grade stainless steel
  • They have prominent cavity design
  • They are available in graphite shafts
  • They are labeled for “lady flex”
  • They feature larger grips
  • Mind the configuration

    For new golfers, it is important to understand that the configuration of iron makes all the difference. You can find irons from the same brand under the same title for both distance and pitching. Then there are hybrid irons that offer the utility of both woods and long irons. By keeping in mind the distance and control you want, you can settle on the iron configuration.


    If you are an aspirant golfer, it is important to pick an iron that offers more forgiveness. Usually, irons with a lower and bigger center of gravity allow you to play intended shots even if there is a slight mishit.

    Final thoughts

    By assembling the right set of irons for your course trip, you can see a major improvement in your game. The above reviews cover some of the best irons for women’s golf across different brands and configurations, so you don’t have to exhaust yourself in finding the right pick in the vast golf accessory marketplace.