Best Inexpensive Golf Balls

Nobody in the history of golf ever said it wasn’t a pricey sport. On the contrary, it is pretty expensive, and golf balls don’t come cheap either. You can, however, look for the best inexpensive golf balls by looking for the best bargains and combinations of price and quality.

Now, an expensive golf ball doesn’t necessarily mean that it will deliver long distances. Generally, the expensive kinds are built to spin more around the greens. The expensive golf balls, as you may have heard before, just have a little more ‘feel’ to them. The best inexpensive golf balls, however, will be much harder – which means they will deliver more roll out.

All the brilliantly marketed benefits of expensive golf balls are meant to cater to golfers who have the most experience. Mid-handicappers or beginners will never benefit from these, and hence, there is just so much more sense in getting an inexpensive set.

Wherever you look, you’ll find golf balls that fall in the $40 to $50 range, but some really high-quality ones CAN cost below this. We’ve compiled a list of 5 best inexpensive golf balls that are both popular among golfers and have the ability to benefit your unique game.

Let’s be honest: expensive or not, they’re all going to end up in the water eventually! Also, if you don’t really understand how to differentiate between good and bad golf balls, you should run through our reviews and quickly read our buyer’s guide.

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Are You Looking For the Best Inexpensive Golf Ball?

And Here’s Why it’s Our Favorite:

TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls (One Dozen)

  • Off the face of your club, this golf ball will actually feel premium
  • Reacts fairly well around the greens as opposed to golf balls that are 3 times its price
  • If you think you have a slow swing speed, this is the best golf ball for your game
  • The golf ball also features an alignment aid that can help beginners with their setup or for accuracy of drives
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Our Top Pick Best Inexpensive Golf Balls





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Nike Mix AAAA Golf Balls,
50 Pack
449  Reviews


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Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball (15-Pack)
50 Reviews


Best Inexpensive Golf Balls 26
TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls (One Dozen)
41 Reviews


Best Inexpensive Golf Balls 35
Wilson Staff F.L.I. Golf Balls (Pack of 12)
35 Reviews


Best Inexpensive Golf Balls 44
Wilson Chaos Golf Balls
 (Pack of 24)
35 Reviews


1) Nike Mix AAAA Golf Balls, 50 Balls

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So, you want to read up on our top picks? This is an insane deal for 50 quality second hand golf balls for under $24.  If your looking to save the most amount of quality golf balls for the money then these are it.

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These golf balls are suitable for all players, but take our word for it – it is perfect for golfers who have slower swing speeds. Plus, this nike golf balls have been broken in for you which just means that it delivers excellent control and lift. If this wasn’t enough, then you’re going to love the words ‘Nike’ printed on the golf ball’s alignment target in between arrows.

If you are on a tight budget and need the best inexpensive golf balls, you cannot go wrong with these. When compared to most golf balls that were at least 3 times its price, these Nike Balls flew just as far and as straight as most new balls.


  • They perform much better than golf balls that are 3 times their price
  • Helps you navigate easily around the greens
  • Gets you greater distance for every shot
  • You will definitely notice enhanced control over the ball
  • It is the best golf ball to go for if you are on a tight budget


  • NIke Balls are mixed bewteen their different brands.
  • Used Golf Balls 

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2) Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball (15-Pack)

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If you aren’t a beginner and were looking for a premium ball, but your wallet is screaming out for you to save money, then this is what you need. They are a great alternative to premium golf balls, and none of your ‘posh’ friends will be able to tell the difference!

Best Inexpensive Golf Balls 55

Off your clubface, these golf balls are going to feel very soft – which also means that they will deliver a greater impact for every drive. What’s even better is that these golf balls spin beautifully around the green while stopping those game-breaking roll-outs. These aren’t too shabby in terms of distance either.

Nitro is known for making inexpensive golf balls, but these particular golf balls are a great bargain. Their HEX Aerodynamics technology can help you create excellent launches, driver speeds, and soaring distances. What’s more, their ionomer cover and 2-piece construction translate to more control over each shot and, of course, a softer feel. 


  • A great replacement for a premium ball at a great price
  • Nitro is a very well-known and trustworthy golfing brand
  • Provides great distances for every shot
  • Won’t produce a lot of roll-out like most other inexpensive golf balls
  • 15 New Balls for Less Then $8


  • Customers have reported that while every feature holds up well, they aren’t very durable

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3)TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls (One Dozen)

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In 3rd place, we have a set of golf balls that feel softer and produce a great spin along with the greens. This is because of the Taylor Made’s proprietary technologies, which include the TruSoft and TruFlex. Both these technologies deliver long distances on each drive! 

Best Inexpensive Golf Balls 55

These golf balls feature a soft ionomer cover alongside an energetic core with low compression. All of these features don’t sound like these golf balls were supposed to belong on this list, do they? Well, they do, and they work as well as pro golf balls. You’ll find that they will perform exactly like the Pro V1x (which is much more expensive) and still features more innovative technologies.

These technologies deliver better quality than previous versions – which is also why they have been warmly welcomed by so many golfers. Furthermore, its ionomer cover is very durable, and it is going to be much more forgiving around the greens – resulting in shorter games.  

Best Inexpensive Golf Balls 66


  • Low compression rates mean that these golf balls can produce great spin.
  • It features a unique dimple design which helps it produce consistent flights and stronger launches
  • Great Brand Name Value For the Price
  • It adapts really well with every kind of golfer
  • Quite forgiving around the greens


  • Customers have reported that distances aren’t always consistent

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4) Wilson Staff F.L.I. Golf Balls (Pack of 12)

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If you don’t really care about how your golf balls feel around the greens, and you would rather just get longer yards off your drives, then do check these golf balls out. They are our 4th the best inexpensive golf balls because of their reputation with high handicap golfers AND beginners.

Best Inexpensive Golf Balls 55

If you choose these golf balls, you may just be able to add a little flair to your game because they come in great matte colors. Also, their paint is UV-resistant, which means they wouldn’t fade. These golf balls are also quite durable thanks to its iothane cover.

Right from your first drive, you will notice how soft these golf balls feel, and this is because of their soft compression core. This is also why these golf balls have the ability to produce the most distances – which is why they are a great option for beginner golfers. Plus, if you think you have a problem with accuracy, their patented dimple designs will help you produce straighter drives. 


  • Features a low compression core with feels soft and produces long distances
  • Great Price for 12 New Golf Balls for under $10
  • Higher levels of durability because of their iothane covers
  • The patented dimple designs can help beginner golfers produce straighter drives


  • The neon color options don’t suit everyone

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5) Wilson Chaos Golf Balls (24-Balls)

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If you’re a beginner golfer, you may have experienced some really chaotic games, right? Well, the Wilson Chaos Golf Balls have been designed to counter this and improve the overall accuracy of your shots! Plus, their price just makes them so much more desirable.

Best Inexpensive Golf Balls 55

Whether you’re worried about the accuracy, spin, distance, or roll-out on the greens, these golf balls will help you produce better results. Plus, you won’t just have a dozen golf balls – instead, you’ll have 24 at pretty much the same price as any other golf balls on this list.

Each of the Wilson Chaos Golf Balls has a 2-piece construction with a solid and durable design. They all have a low compression core, which delivers a softer feel around the green. Furthermore, these golf balls feature an ionomer blend cover for extra durability alongside the Wilson Staff 400 dimple pattern that produces that much-needed distance on all your drives!


  • The low compression core of these golf balls can help produce better spin
  • Its Wilson Staff 400 dimple pattern will deliver better launch, distance, and control
  • The ionomer blend cover feels great for each drive and makes the golf balls more durable
  • Great price!  24 New Golf Balls for only $20


  • These golf balls aren’t a great choice for anyone other than beginner golfers

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Guide to Buying the Best Inexpensive Golf Balls (Criteria for Evaluation)


All of our reviews discuss the ‘feel’ of the ball or how ‘soft’ it feels. Now some people believe that this means that the golf balls spin less off the tee, but you need to also keep in mind that they all have cores with high rates of compression. This compression is more important than the feel of a ball because it can influence the distance of your drives.

Innovative materials in golf balls have overcome the problem of soft feel and low spin. So it doesn’t really matter what your swing speed is like, as all of these golf balls will produce longer trajectories. As a result, you can easily become a shorter performance player with any of our top picks for the best inexpensive golf balls.

Seniors require a firmer grip due to loss of muscular strength. Irons with an oversized grip offer them more stability to play better shots without experiencing fatigue and pain.


Every golfer – regardless of their experience or level of performance, should look for golf balls that produce long distances. This is why most of the products reviewed on our list of best inexpensive golf balls focus on their flying performance. Most of these products also have a low compression core that translates low-swing speeds into high-energy drives and, in turn, longer flights and distances. Plus, the ability to produce good trajectories also makes these golf balls great for a diverse range of weather conditions – even windy ones!

Another feature we paid attention to was the dimple designs of these golf balls. These are responsible for producing grip around the greens, which should automatically result in a shorter game.


Since you’re looking for the best inexpensive golf balls in the market, you will come across a lot of golf balls that might even break after your first drive! To find the best quality at the best price, we would highly recommend paying attention to the durability of the ball. Golf balls with high durability will last for a greater number of rounds, and the damage they receive won’t have any effect on their overall performance.