Best Golf Irons for Women

With many women athletes making it big in sports, golf isn’t an exception. Almost all brands have especially designed golf equipment for women to improve their skills.


While golf presents its own set of challenges to all golfers, the right gear is what you need to take a strong step forward. Golf irons play a major role in impacting your overall game as they help hit the right stroke.

To select the best golf irons for women, it is essential to first understand the difference between women’s clubs and men’s clubs. It mostly comes down to the weight of the irons – the materials utilized in the club head and the graphite shafts inclusion. Women’s irons are also usually shorter to help them achieve better distance and speed.  

However, with a wide range of golf irons and sets designed for women, it could get difficult for you to pick the right one.

In this article, we review the five best golf irons for women, and also provide a buying guide to help you select the right golf iron for you.

Our Top Choice is the Callaway Golf 2019 Women's Big Bertha Iron!

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Callaway Golf 2019 Women's Big Bertha Iron

Why is it the BEST?

  • ​The suspended energy core technology offers easy launch and enhances the distance and feel of the iron
  • ​The 360 face cup incorporates a flexible rim that boosts the speed of the ball on impact
  • ​Reduced vibrations when a shot is taken
  • ​The MIM’d tungsten enhances the positioning and movement as you take the swing
  • It incorporates the groundbreaking jailbreak technology to increase ball speed and offer adjustability for easy launch
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Our Top Picks For Best Golf Irons For Women





Best Golf Irons for Women 7
Callaway Big Bertha 2019 Women's Individual Irons
5 Reviews


Best Golf Irons for Women 16
Precise NX460 Ladies Womens Complete Golf Club Set
23 Reviews


Best Golf Irons for Women 25
Tour Edge Golf Women’s Hot Launch 2 Series Individual Iron
6 Reviews


Best Golf Irons for Women 34
Wilson Staff Golf D7 Women's Iron Set
155 Reviews


Best Golf Irons for Women 43
Callaway Golf 2018 Women's Rogue Individual Iron
27 Reviews


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Read on for a detailed review of the Callaway Golf 2019 Women's Big Bertha Iron, and our other top picks for the best golf irons for women.

1. ​Callaway Golf 2019 Women's Big Bertha Iron

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Certain shots are rather challenging to make when you are playing on a golf course of more than 400 yards, but the perfect shot can easily be made with the right club in hand.

The Big Bertha iron for women by Callaway is a club that can make it happen for you. The flexibility and advanced features of this iron are amazing and will surely improve your game.

Best Golf Irons for Women 54

This distance iron incorporates efficient technology to make difficult and long shots easier. The 360 face cup allows smoother traction, while the suspended energy core provides additional support and the tungsten improves movements.

The ball speed is further increased thanks to the thin construction of the iron. The three-piece construction allows for improved positioning. The suspended energy core suspends the weight of the MIM’d tungsten to provide easy launch, amazing sound, and consistent distance.


  • ​The 360 face cup allows for long and consistent distance shots
  • ​The flexible rim and urethane enhances the stroke and offers easy launch
  • ​Its smoked PVD finish gives a sleek look
  • The lightweight shaft improves comfort and feel
  • Increased ball speed on impact due to is high-class jailbreak technology
  • Suitable for all expertise levels
  • Highly forgiving and accurate


  • ​This iron has a bigger price tag

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2. ​Precise NX460 Ladies Complete Golf Club Set

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What’s better than the right golf iron? A complete set that includes an iron to improve your performance, along with all the necessary tools you will need to up your game.

The NX460 Ladies’ Golf Set is the ultimate equipment you need if you are a beginner. It might seem like a small set, but the irons and other clubs included in this set have been selected wisely by Precise.

Best Golf Irons for Women 54

All the clubs included in this set have graphite shafts, making them lightweight so that you can easily and confidently take that swing. It even comes in two sizes – petite and standard, which makes this set suitable for women of all heights.

The set includes SW irons, driver, putter, fairway wood, and more at an affordable price. It is ideal for amateur women golfers.


  • ​Ideal for beginners to learn and improve their game
  • ​Limited amount of clubs eliminates the confusion of picking the right one for the shot
  • ​One of the most affordable beginners’ golf sets for women


  • ​The minimal set is not suitable for seasoned players
  • The set’s performance is slightly lower in comparison to other brands

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3. ​Tour Edge Golf Women's Hot Launch 2 Iron

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Looking for enhanced forgiveness and better ball speed? This iron is the perfect pick!

This iron comes with a thin forged face for optimal delivery and the large head volume provides a spring-like reaction at impact. Result? You cover the maximum distance. Its thin structure increases the comfort level to ensure you make a shot.

Best Golf Irons for Women 54

The shaft is made with graphite materials for appropriate weight and proper feel. It also has a heavy sole that lowers the CG, resulting in maximum forgiveness and improved launch angle.

It incorporates an undercut cavity design that puts increased weight underneath the ball to improve all flying shots.


  • ​The solid and heavy sole improves overall performance
  • ​It creates a spring-like response on every impact, allowing power stroke
  • ​Ideal for hitting straight shots
  • Allows optimal forgiveness due to its notched hosel


  • ​Slightly heavier in comparison to others

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4. ​Nitro Golf Ladies Blaster 15 Piece Complete Set

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If you want to improve your game with affordable golf equipment, then this Nitro Golf Set is the ultimate solution for you.

This set is highly durable, and the clubs are made with graphite and steel to improve the strength and feel. The Nitro set is suitable for both beginners and intermediate women golfers.

Best Golf Irons for Women 54

The irons are the best part of this set. They feature a wide sole for easier and improved playability and better control.  


  • ​The shaft of the clubs are highly strong and durable
  • ​The range of clubs is ideal for both beginners and intermediate players
  • ​Enhances the alignment, control and overall playability
  • Extremely affordable in comparison to other sets


  • ​The club head might begin wearing out quickly
  • This set is not suitable for professional and seasoned women golfers

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5. ​Callaway Golf 2018 Women's Rogue Individual Iron

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If you are looking to improve your speed and distance, then this 2018 Women’s Rogue Individual Iron is still one of the best golf irons out there.

It all comes down to the iron’s construction. Callaway took great care into creating this iron and included all the required features to help women golfers up their golf game. This lightweight iron has a wide sole that provides better shot coverage, while its large cavity increases the overall smoothness.

Best Golf Irons for Women 54

The advanced technologies used in this iron can improve the efficiency of your shot. The 360 face cup offers easy movement, while the VFT increases the ball speed by slowing down the swing and the suspended energy core enhances the distance.

While it is common to experience some vibration when taking the shot, this iron has reduced vibration impact thanks to the urethane technology. It has a sub 50 gm shaft design that promotes comfort.


  • ​This golf iron provides an excellent and easy launch
  • ​The club head is specifically shaped to allow you smoother and accurate shots
  • ​The versatile features and lightweight materials provide a superior feel and reduced vibrations
  • Advanced technologies, including suspended energy core and 360-face cup, increase the speed and distance


  • ​Some golfers have experienced difficulty in hitting straight with this iron.

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A Buyer’s guide to the best golf irons for women

Aside from these top golf irons, there are numerous more golf irons for women that you should definitely check out. To help you improve your game and make the right decision, here are some things you must consider when picking out a golf iron:

Perimeter weighted club heads

The technology and design specifications of golf irons are being enhanced rapidly. The technologies added to the irons can improve a specific technique or more. For instance, if you are a beginner, the iron with perimeter-weighted head provides a bigger sweet spot to give you more confidence to make the shot.

Graphite shaft

When looking for the best golf iron, always examine shafts. Steel shafts offer better yardage, but they are heavier and might affect your performance. For the majority of women golfers, the weight of the club affects their game. Graphite shafts are lightweight, making them easier to swing and carry.


Many times, golfers are unable to pick the right iron due to the cost for multiple reasons – some think the more expensive the iron, the better for them, others only focus on the least expensive ones, and others are not able to set the budget.

The best thing you can do to find the right one for you is to do your homework. This information provided in this article can be valuable when it comes to picking the best iron for you. You will be aware of the types of golf irons available, the best ones, and ways to select the right one.

Keep in mind that the cost of the iron shouldn’t be the only deciding factor when it comes to picking a golf iron.

Expertise Level

Golf makers have started creating clubs that can optimize players’ performance at different levels. Choosing an iron that is suitable for your level will not only improve your strike but will help you develop the skills needed to move to the next level.

If you are starting out, opt for irons designed for beginner women golfers, and if you have been playing for a while now, go for the ones made for intermediate players.

Weight of Iron

The golf iron’s weight is a major element to consider when selecting one. Women’s irons, are especially designed to be lightweight and are also created using different materials than the ones used for men’s irons. Even in women’s iron, make sure you try out multiple ones to find the ideal weight, which will help you make the right swing.

Final Thoughts

The right golf iron can surely do wonders for your game. Going with the most expensive one or the one that seems to be working for another golfer is not the way to go. You must opt for the one that feels right in your grip and optimizes your performance.

This detailed review of the top golf irons for women can get you started in the right direction. The buyer’s guide will further make the decision easier for you.

Each of the golf iron added in this list has its own set of distinctive features, but Callaway Golf 2019 Women's Big Bertha Iron is the best one in our experience. However, don’t be afraid to experiment with different golf irons to determine which one works the best for you.