Best Golf Clubs for Amateurs

Golf is one of the most exhilarating games played around the world. A relaxing round can quickly become maddening as you make your way through the course.  If your starting out in the wonderful game of golf you are probably searching for the Best Golf Clubs for Amateurs.


Once you start playing this game, you are bound to get hooked. You would want to improve your game, and the best way to do that is to make sure you are using the right equipment. Selecting the appropriate golf club can help change your game score.

Being an amateur player means you can take your time exploring golf clubs to find the one that works best for you. Using new clubs won’t magically transform you into the best golfer out there, but will surely solidify your swing and improve your technique.


There is a vast range of beginner clubs from various brands, and it can get confusing for beginners to determine which one is right for them.

In this article, we will review the five best golf clubs for amateurs, as well as provide a buying guide to help you select the right golf club for you.

Our Top Pick Best Golf Clubs For Amateurs





Best Golf Clubs for Amateurs 1
Wilson Golf Ultra Men's 9-Club, Right-Handed Set w/ Bag and Covers, Deepwater
111 Reviews


Best Golf Clubs for Amateurs 10
Pinemeadow Men's PGX Golf Set-Driver, 3 Wood, Hybrid, 5-PW Irons
232 Reviews


Best Golf Clubs for Amateurs 19
Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Set (12 Piece)
Right or Left Handed Available
Top Choice Club Set
54 Reviews


Best Golf Clubs for Amateurs 28
Cobra Golf 2019 Men's XL Speed Complete Golf Set
141 Reviews


Best Golf Clubs for Amateurs 37
Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach #1 Golf Putter
101 Reviews


1) Wilson Golf Ultra Men's 9-Club, Right-Handed Set with Bag and Covers.

Best Golf Clubs for Amateurs 46

TS Golf Online Rating

This club set is a fantastic starter set for beginners that don't want to break the bank in equipment.  This Club set comes with every club you will need to play well with.

This set comes with a  driver, fairway wood, hybrid, 6, 7, 8, and 9 irons, pitching wedge, putter, bag, and head covers.  This is the perfect starter set for under $200, and its from a good brand.

Best Golf Clubs for Amateurs 48

If you want to focus on playability, distance, and accuracy, then this is the right choice for you.

These golf club set is recommended for enhanced control in the game. It is created with high-quality components to improve each shot you make and is based on industry-leading, advanced technology.

The club combines variable face thickness (VFT) with a 360 face cup for improved ball speed. The MIM’d internal standing wave, and tungsten weighting provides better control and flight.


  • Offers good game play as it is easier to use for amateurs.
  • Designed with the beginner golfer in mind
  • Very affordable and great beginners clubs to use.


  • Quality is not as good as other premium manufacturers

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2) Pinemeadow Men's PGX Golf Set-Driver, 3 Wood, Hybrid, 5-PW Irons

Best Golf Clubs for Amateurs 49

TS Golf Online Rating

This three-club golf set provides massive value to an amateur golfer.

The three clubs are created at the men's standard flex and length. The 460 cc driver is especially designed to enhance distance and accuracy. This set also includes a hybrid and 3 wood.

Best Golf Clubs for Amateurs 48

The hybrid, fairway wood, and driver have a white finish for improved visibility to address position during the game. These clubs are suitable for amateur golfers as they are designed to offer improved loft and assist inexperienced golfers improve the lift on the ball.

These clubs are highly forgiving. They are lightweight, but still have a quality, strong built. The irons are the strongest point of this set. 


  • Its wide, oversized sole irons provide optimal spin and launch
  • The large sweet spot helps lift the ball easily off the tee
  • The 15-degree wood is an ideal loft for amateurs to improve their launch game
  • The irons comprise perimeter weight that provides enhanced forgiveness


  • The quality is slightly lower in comparison to other clubs

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3. Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Set (12 Piece)

Best Golf Clubs for Amateurs 52

TS Golf Online Rating

If you are looking for better forgiveness and confidence, then this Callaway Club set is the right fit for you.

The head of this club offers a simple, quick launch. It is created to assist beginner golfers in switching the iron with a longer, better performance.

It incorporates the split weight mass that helps reposition the external and internal weights to the toe and heel for improved MOI and consistency. It also offers better stability due to its enlarged sweet spot.

The hybrid also has Geocoustic technology, which optimizes the sole design to complement the feel and sound on impact. Its enhanced speed pocket technology offers improved distance and flexibility across the face.

Best Golf Clubs for Amateurs 48


  • Quality Brand and Great Price
  • The speed pocket preserves ball speeds even at low strokes to provide consistent distance
  • It offers an enhanced face flexion at the impact to ensure better performance and accuracy
  • The integrated design offers proper alignment and superior turf interaction.


  • Quality not as good as more expensive Callaway Clubs

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4) Cobra Golf 2019 Men's XL Speed Complete Golf Set

Best Golf Clubs for Amateurs 55

TS Golf Online Rating

These club provides a great feel, sound, and look, while its adjustable hosel and sliding weight offer you a chance to adjust the dial and get the most from your swing.

The Cobra Brand is known as a top brand in the golf world.  These clubs are for beginners that can afford to pay a little more for  better rated clubs

Its easy, adjustable hosel allows you to optimize the spin and launch angle in a simple three-step process. This club incorporates R-MOTO technology and has a great flexible shaft. 

Best Golf Clubs for Amateurs 48


  • Premium Irons and Titanium Drivers
  • Enhances the forgiveness and improves control by managing the spin
  • The movable weights and flexible lofts offer optimal performance and improved playability
  • Provides lighter feel to encourage you to swing better


  • The alignment aid might be difficult to pick
  • Its lightweight shaft might result in a few misses

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5) Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach #1 Golf Putter

Best Golf Clubs for Amateurs 58

TS Golf Online Rating

This beach putter is made with a 304 stainless steel and provides an improved feel on impact. It is affordable and incorporates advanced technology to take your game to the next level.

This putter is very forgiving and is great for beginners.  It has good comfortable weight that you want in a putter.

Best Golf Clubs for Amateurs 48

The speed optimized face technology allows the normalization of the ball speed across the face. It also incorporates a CNC milling pattern, which increases friction to produce improved consistency of the distance and speed.

These modern technologies can drastically improve your golf game. Even though it might seem too light for some golfers, its weight offers amateurs a better control of the distance.


  • The club provides an amazing grip which makes it great for Beginners that want an advantage on the green
  • It has a cleaner look and softer feel in comparison to other expensive clubs
  • The precision milled face provides more consistent roll


  • Pricey Putter which costs $100

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A Buyer’s guide to the best golf clubs for amateurs

Aside from these five best golf clubs, there is still a wide range of beginner golf clubs you can explore. To help you improve your game, here are some things you must consider when picking out a golf club:


When starting out, your first club should not cost you a lot. While more expensive clubs do have a major positive impact on the overall game, but an amateur might not be able to utilize its advanced features properly.

Therefore, don’t focus on a higher cost and opt for clubs that can help you in strengthening your technique, like the ones listed in this article. As your game improves, you can then invest in expensive clubs to further improve your game.

Standard or Adjustable

Adjustable clubs offer better control by allowing you to shift weight as per your needs. It will help in increasing or reducing the spin of the ball. Moreover, adjustable clubs enable you to utilize the same clubs for a long time as you get better.

Technology Added

The technology utilized in the golf clubs has greatly progressed in the past few years. Almost all of the clubs, including the beginner ones, have advanced technology to help improve the skills of golfers. Therefore, ensure that the club you are opting for has the appropriate technology to help you as an amateur. 

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that in golf, the performance is influenced by the club you use. The balance, forgiveness, precision, control, and accuracy depends on whether or not the club is right for you.  You also should consider getting inexpensive golf balls because as an amateur you are going to lose a lot of balls.  You should also investing in a quaility golf bag that doesn't weigh alot either.

The detailed review of the five best golf clubs for amateurs will get you started on using the right club. Moreover, the buyer’s guide will further help you short list the clubs and make the right decision.

While each amateur golf clubs listed here has its own distinctive features and benefits, the Callaway Golf 2018 Men’s Rogue Individual Iron is the best for beginner golfers as per our experience. However, feel free to experiment and explore different clubs to find the right one to improve your game.