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When a person starts playing golf, beginners are often advised to start on a manageable level before they start going for the challenging aspects of the game. Nowadays, most beginners are looking at using hybrid clubs and staying away from the longer clubs like the drivers, long irons, and the fairway woods.

The demand for fairway woods has dramatically fallen until recently. Fairway woods offer plenty of essential characteristics that can cater to the needs of both high and mid-handicap golfers.

Whether you're looking to replace the fairway woods in your golf bag or you're entirely new to them, you will understand that it isn't easy picking out a new golf club. Picking the best fairway woods ever is never a straightforward choice, especially if you're looking to get the perfect one for your game.

A great fairway wood can play so many roles for an individual player that it is an essential piece of golfing equipment you can get your hands on.


Golfing manufacturers have been making fairway woods for a while. The number of options and brands to choose from can become overwhelming even for the experienced golfer. We’re going to discuss the five best fairway woods ever so that you have an easier time deciding on one that suits your game the best.

Our Top Choice Is The Callaway Epic Flash Fairway Wood

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Epic Flash Fairway Wood

Why is it the BEST?

  • Is an improved version of an already highly successful golf club
  • Comes with various lofts and shafts to choose from
  • Machine learning derived technological innovations for flash face design
  • Helps golfers get higher speed
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Our Top Picks For Best Fairway Woods Ever





Best Fairway Woods Ever 7
Callaway Golf Epic Flash Fairway Wood
38 Reviews


Best Fairway Woods Ever 16
Founders Club Fresh Metal Golf Clubs Fairway Woods
78 Reviews


Best Fairway Woods Ever 25
TaylorMade Golf M6 Rocket Fairway Wood
29 Reviews


Best Fairway Woods Ever 34
Callaway Golf Men's Rogue Sub Zero Fairway Wood
15 Reviews


Best Fairway Woods Ever 43
Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrids
671 Reviews


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1. Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Fairway Wood - TOP PICK

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Callaway Golf sells this fairway wood as a revolutionary club with flash face technology.

After hours of research, we've concluded that this is our favorite product for the best fairway woods ever for several reasons.

They were also very successful in doing this with this set too...

Best Fairway Woods Ever 54

Built for golfers with every swing speed, this is a fairway wood that is designed to help golfers get higher speed and hit the golf ball for longer distances off the tee regardless of swing speed. Callaway's use of Jailbreak Technology allows this golf club to achieve that.

Using two bars contained within the body, the Jailbreak Technology increases the impact load area, which comes into contact with the golf ball. Combined with the use of Carpenter steel and the hosel system, you get consistent results and a greater transfer of energy from the golf club head to the ball.

The shaft is designed to get more energy built up during the swing to be released when you strike the ball. The sole weight is adjustable that allows you to control the spin and trajectory as you hit the ball. You can rely on getting longer distances despite slower swing speeds.


  • Combines cutting edge technology and machine learning to enhance the performance
  • Gives you fantastic distance off the tee
  • Useful for both beginner and experienced golfers
  • Various shafts to choose from
  • Different lofts to choose from


  • Can generate side spin on impact sometimes

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2. Founders Club Fresh Metal Golf Clubs Fairway Woods

Best Fairway Woods Ever 55

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Founders Club Golf created the Fresh Metal Golf Clubs Fairway Wood to help golfers looking to tackle the inconsistency in their game.

This is the second product on our list of the best fairway woods ever as it delivers excellent carry off the tee and an excellent trajectory.

Best Fairway Woods Ever 54

A lot of golfers struggle with controlling the slice. The sidespin you get on the golf ball as you slice it can result in a loss of accuracy, and the Founders Club Fresh Metal Golf Clubs Fairway Wood makes sure that you get a club that will help you control that part of your game.

There are various features in this golf club that help you get more consistency in your game and mitigate the slice. A slight offset on the clubhead allows you to get better control over the trajectory of the golf ball. There is a whole series of fairway woods with varying loft angles and graphite shafts.

Coming in both right-handed and left-handed variations, these golf clubs have a low torque with the option of regular or senior flex that you can choose based on your preference. Using this will ensure greater accuracy and significantly lower chances of slicing the golf ball. Achieve greater distances, a better feel when you hit the ball, and all at a reasonable price.


  • The golf club straightens your shots
  • Sturdy golf clubs
  • Various loft angles to choose from
  • Allows you to hit better distances


  • Left-handed  variations of the golf clubs are challenging to find
  • Distances hit have room for improvement

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3. TaylorMade Golf M6 Rocket Fairway Wood

Best Fairway Woods Ever 58

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TaylorMade Golf is a big name in the golfing world, and it is no surprise that its M6 Rocket makes it to the list of the best fairway woods ever.

Increasingly popular due to TaylorMade’s Twist Face technology, this is another fantastic golf club to help you improve your game.

Best Fairway Woods Ever 54

True to the name of its Twist Face technology, the TaylorMade Golf M6 Rocket Fairway Wood has a curvature in its clubface. This unusual feature is a performance improving aspect of the golf club that is there to give you a more corrective face angle and reduce mis-hits.

Besides its performance improving feature, TaylorMade Golf M6 makes its way to the list of the best fairway woods ever due to its advanced speed pocket design. It gives you greater flexibility, so you get a better coefficient of restitution. The result is better shots even when you mis-hit the ball. A large carbon crown delivers greater speed and distance.

An aerodynamic sole contains the inertia generator, which gets you a more forgiving feel as you strike the golf ball. The aerodynamics allows you to swing the golf club faster without facing resistance.


  • Delivers a  more forgiving feel as you strike the ball
  • Range of configurations to choose from for better suitability for your game
  • A textured feel to the handle makes it more comfortable to use
  • Corrective design helps you get straighter shots even off of mis-hits


  • The loft angle is not  adjustable

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4. Callaway Golf Men's Rogue Sub Zero Fairway Wood

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This is another groundbreaking Callaway golf club that makes it in to our list of the best fairway woods ever.

The golf club has a design optimized for better accuracy and longer distances with every shot.

Best Fairway Woods Ever 54

Callaway Golf’s Men’s Rogue Sub Zero Fairway Wood uses the manufacturer’s innovative technology for the design of the golf club head to deliver greater accuracy. It is one of Callaway Golf's most powerful fairway woods ever. The Jailbreak Technology uses two steel bars to make the body stiffer and delivers a greater impact load on the face of the golf club.

You can expect to hit the golf ball quite far off the tee with this fairway wood. It has internal standing wave technology, which gets you more precision as the center of gravity shifts towards the point of impact as you swing the club.

Callaway uses advanced aerodynamics to ensure better airflow around the clubhead, allowing you to generate more swing speed with little resistance. You get various shafts and loft angle configurations to choose from.


  • The golf club delivers greater accuracy and distance
  • There are various shafts to choose from
  • There are various loft angles to choose from
  • Decreases chances of mis-hits


  • The weight adjustment tool does not come with the golf club

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5. Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrids

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The last entry on the list of the best fairway woods ever is a hybrid club made by Pinemeadow Golf.

The Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrid is a fantastic hybrid that gives you all the functionality of an ideal fairway wood with excellent value for money.

Best Fairway Woods Ever 54

The Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrids are a series of golf clubs that function as ideal fairway woods for beginner level golfers. You get the opportunity to choose the loft that you feel is most suitable for the fairway. There are eight golf clubs in this set of hybrids, and each of them offers you varying loft angles.

One of our top reasons for including it among the best fairway woods ever is its sweet spot. The entire golf club head is weighted to ensure better accuracy even with mis-hits. The shape of the club head further enhances this feature. The graphite shaft is connected to the stainless steel clubhead. It is a versatile set of hybrids that has a forgiving feel on impact and improves your game.

The Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrids are effectively fairway woods due to their functionality. The only difference they have with standard fairway woods is that they have a shorter shaft length.


  • They improve the accuracy of your shots off the tee
  • You have various loft angles to choose from
  • They offer you great value for money
  • Improves the straightness of your shots


  • The weight might be too heavy for the preference of some golfers

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Guide to buying the best fairway woods ever

With five incredible fairway woods to choose from, you still are spoilt for choice. All five of them have features that make them different from the others. To get the golf club that will genuinely be the best to make your game better, there are a few things you need to consider.


The loft is the angle with which the ball is launched off the tee. The higher the loft, the steeper the launch will be. You need to decide on the loft based on your goal for the fairway wood. Lower loft means longer distances. However, a higher loft might get you a better distance if you have a slower swing speed. Try to strike a balance when choosing the loft.

Shaft length

You need to get a golf club with a shaft length that allows you to have the most comfortable stance and form as you swing the golf ball. Most golfers buy regular shafts, but you really need to consider the length if you are quite short or quite tall.

Understanding the coefficient of restitution

The Coefficient of Restitution (COR) defines the energy transfer from the golf club head to the golf ball on impact. The higher the COR, the faster your shots will be. According to the USGA regulations, the maximum COR rating of the golf club can be no more than 0.83. Try to stick to the highest possible COR when you’re looking for the best fairway woods ever.

Final thoughts

We've spent hours researching the best fairway woods ever, so you have less work to do when you're choosing one for yourself.

After reading the detailed reviews of our top five picks and the buying guide, we hope you now have all the information you need to make the best purchase decision.

Consider the buying guide and the individual features of the different products, and you can find the perfect fairway woods before your next tee-off.