Best Amateur Golf Ball

Best Amateur Golf Ball

Among all the golf accessories, a golf ball is that one item the majority of amateur players pay the least attention to. Then there are some who just pick a certain golf ball because it is used by their favorite PGA player.

As a dabbler and newbie golfer, you should be mindful of the golf ball you use the same way you take care of your clubs, shoes (and golfing looks). The market offers golf balls in a wide range of variety where you can find products for both pro and amateur games. As a fresher on the golf course, which is still striving to lower their handicap, we would suggest you look for amateur golf balls particularly.

​But how can you pick a golf ball that is best suited for the amateur game?

The best amateur golf balls are actually the ones that offer more distance off the tee along with better spin control. Nearly every beginner with a high handicap struggles with these two aspects of the game. By using a golf ball that is more “forgiving,” they can get around the frustration caused by frequent hooks and slices right off the tee.

We have compiled a list of five of the best amateur golf balls to ensure hassle-free shopping of the right ball for your beginner game. Our list includes:

Our Winner is the TaylorMade Project (s) Golf Balls

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TaylorMade Project (s) Golf Balls

Why is it the BEST?

  • ​Uses Dual-Distance Core— decreases the compression of the ball to ensure a soft feel and better  speed and rebound
  • Soft ionomer cover— ensures better control of the ball around the green
  • 342 LDP dimple pattern— reduces air drag and backspin and increases distance and flight of the ball
  • ​Available in four different colors— making golf more fun
  • ​Falls at a reasonable price point
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Our Top Pick For Best Amateur Golf Balls





Best Amateur Golf Ball 7
TaylorMade Project (s) Golf Balls 
125 Reviews


Best Amateur Golf Ball 16
TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls (One Dozen)
248 Reviews


Best Amateur Golf Ball 25
Srixon Men’s Soft Feel Golf Ball
447 Reviews


Best Amateur Golf Ball 34
Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball (15-Pack)
50 Reviews


Best Amateur Golf Ball 43
Callaway Golf Supersoft Magna Golf Balls
118 Reviews


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For detailed insight, read on our reviews of the best amateur golf balls.

1) Titleist T​​​​​our Soft Golf Balls

Best Amateur Golf Ball 52

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Here we have a set of golf balls that feel softer and produce a great spin along with the greens. This is because of the Taylor Made’s proprietary technologies, which include the TruSoft and TruFlex. Both these technologies deliver long distances on each drive! 

Best Amateur Golf Ball 54

These golf balls feature a soft ionomer cover alongside an energetic core with low compression. All of these features don’t sound like these golf balls were supposed to belong on this list, do they? Well, they do, and they work as well as pro golf balls. You’ll find that they will perform exactly like the Pro V1x (which is much more expensive) and still features more innovative technologies.

These technologies deliver better quality than previous versions – which is also why they have been warmly welcomed by so many golfers. Furthermore, its ionomer cover is very durable, and it is going to be much more forgiving around the greens – resulting in shorter games.  


  • ​Offers soft feel without compromising on the velocity
  • ​Also available in bright yellow finishing— perfect for playing under poor lights
  • ​State-of-the-art exterior cover lets you have better control of the short game


  • ​Outer casing might get chipped after some use

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2) TaylorMade Project (s) Golf Balls

Best Amateur Golf Ball 55

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If you are looking for maximum distance off the tee but also want more greenside spin, then Project (s) by TaylorMade is the golf ball you need. TaylorMade has struck the right balance between distance and spin with this ball. As an amateur golfer, Project (s) allows you to practice your long and short game with the same ball.

Best Amateur Golf Ball 54

The first thing in TaylorMade Project (s) that grabs attention is its Dual-Distance Cor. The manufacturer has designed the core of the ball with two layers. The inner layer has low compression to rule out unwanted spin and to provide a better feel. The outer layer is made of a soft yet highly resilient polymer that gives high-velocity shots while maintaining the same great feel.

To make Project (s) excel with both distance and greenside spin, TaylorMade has combined the Dual-Distance core with a soft ionomer cover. The higher coefficient of restitution of the ball (achieved with the use of Dual-Distance core) has allowed the engineers to keep the cover softer without making any compromise on the speed of the ball.

Moreover, the ionomer also features 342 strategically placed dimples. They don’t just improve the feel of the stroke but also reduces the backspin. Dimples also lower the air drag through the flight of the ball, so you can play your long shorts more accurately.

Best Amateur Golf Ball 58


  • ​Offers both: greater distance and greenside control
  • ​Propriety dimple design ensures straighter and longer flights
  • ​Comes in playful orange UV-resistant finishing
  • ​Great value for money


  • Matte finishing makes it difficult to spot the ball from the distance

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3) Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball (15-Pack)

Best Amateur Golf Ball 63

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If you aren’t a beginner and were looking for a premium ball, but your wallet is screaming out for you to save money, then this is what you need. They are a great alternative to premium golf balls, and none of your ‘posh’ friends will be able to tell the difference!

Best Amateur Golf Ball 54

Off your clubface, these golf balls are going to feel very soft – which also means that they will deliver a greater impact for every drive. What’s even better is that these golf balls spin beautifully around the green while stopping those game-breaking roll-outs. These aren’t too shabby in terms of distance either.

Nitro is known for making inexpensive golf balls, but these particular golf balls are a great bargain. Their HEX Aerodynamics technology can help you create excellent launches, driver speeds, and soaring distances. What’s more, their ionomer cover and 2-piece construction translate to more control over each shot and, of course, a softer feel. 


  • ​Double-Dimple design to fly higher and farther
  • Can give you more than 200 yards off the tee
  • Equally good for improving greenside performance


  • Not for those who like soft feel balls

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4) Srixon Men’s Soft Feel Golf Ball

Best Amateur Golf Ball 66

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Srixon offers golf balls with a mix of features to cater to golfers of all handicaps. This Soft Feel Golf Ball by Srixon has a set of features that makes it one of the best options for amateur golfers. For any newbie on the golf course, the biggest achievement is to hit the ball off the tee for a good, straight distance.

The low compression design of the Srixon Soft Ball allows high handicappers to play those fulfilling tee shots. The higher moment of inertia of the ball comes into play when you hit the ball off the center. It makes sure your off-center strikes are adjusted for accuracy, so you don’t face disappointment with every shot.

Best Amateur Golf Ball 54

Srixon has used various features to increase the distance of the ball. To begin with, 71- compression core formulation makes sure you can hit the ball hard while getting the same soft feel. Moreover, a 344-speed dimple pattern on the cover also improves the aerodynamics of the ball. The greater number of dimples increases the surface coverage of the ball to reduce the drag on it. And as a result, you are able to cover more distance with the ball.

Srixon has tried to help amateur golfers with its Soft Feel Golf Ball by adding an alignment arrow on it. The arrow allows golfers to hit straight by promoting the target focus and ensuring the square set-up. The alignment aid in the form of arrow allows you to play the green game with more control.

Best Amateur Golf Ball 69


  • Available in bright white and yellow colors for better visual performance
  • Improved Aero Power cover design— superior carry, distance and stability
  • A great bang for the buck— 12 balls within $20


  • Might not help those who already struggle in their greenside game

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5) Callaway Golf Supersoft Magna Golf Balls

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Callaway has also pitched in to help amateur golfers with its Supersoft Magna Golf Ball. It is a super-sized golf ball with ultra-low compression. Callaway has kept the size of the ball bigger to make sure beginners who struggle in making the optimal contact between the clubface and ball can play more shots from the center.

Best Amateur Golf Ball 54

Moreover, the ultra-low compression of the core allows you to get more distance from the same swing. The easy-to-hit construction of this Callaway Golf Ball is also coupled with a soft feel. Unlike other distance balls that are hard as stone, you can strike this ball for intended speed and distance while getting the premium soft feel of a pro-level golf ball.

Callaway has also taken care of the distance and lift of the ball by using the newer HEX Aerodynamics on the exterior. As a result, the ball faces lesser air drag, and you get to play it for better distance and loft.

Like any top-of-the-line amateur golf ball, this Callaway product also helps freshers on the green.  Callaway has used soft trigonometry cover formulation so you can have better control of the greenside game and can create better opportunities with wedges.

Best Amateur Golf Ball 77


  • Oversized ball but still complies with PGA standards
  • Ideal for practicing and perfecting tee shots
  • The bright yellow finish gives better visual assistance


  • Not the softest golf balls on the block

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Guide to buying the best amateur golf balls

If you want to search for a golf ball outside of this list, you should take the following things into consideration.


Nearly every amateur golfer struggles in playing long golf shots without slicing or hooking them. If you want to play better, straighter shots always pick balls that promise better distance. You can assess the distance of the ball by these characteristics

  • Its compression rate: The lower the compression, the more the ball will travel
  • Its core structure and assembly: Balls with single big cores travel a larger distance
  • Surface design: A well-thought-out exterior design decreases air drag and offers better distance and flight


Ball spin has a paradoxical place in golf. In a long game, you don’t want it. But on the greenside, you would love to have some controlled ball spin. Therefore, make sure the ball you pick for your high handicap should also provide better control of spin when you play on the green.

There are very few balls that simultaneously offer better control of spin and also rule it out from the long game, and our top pick is one of them.


As a rookie golfer, you should refrain from splurging on expensive golf balls used by Tour players. Keep in mind the nearly every best amateur golf ball is available within the $30 price tag (for a dozen).

Final Thoughts

By investing in the best amateur golf balls, you can make attempts to improve your handicap and have more distance off the tee and control on the greenside. We hope that our list of the best amateur golf balls will help you in picking the right ball for your beginner game.